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Most kids are thrown into puberty whether they like it or not. But Miriam Beit-Aharon, who has a rare genetic disorder, made a choice to enter womanhood. Beit-Aharon has Turner syndrome, a disorder that stunts sexual development and causes infertility in about one in every 2, female births. Her application essay is now part of a collection of coming-of-age stories written by 18 women with the syndrome. Talking about Turner, Beit-Aharon says, means talking frankly about womanhood, sex, relationships, and raising kids — topics not all doctors discuss enough. Our biological sex is determined by a pair of chromosomes — gene-carrying bundles — inherited from our parents at the moment of conception. Boys get an X chromosome from mom and a Y chromosome from dad, while girls get an X from both. Those with Turner only have one functioning X chromosome. The second X chromosome is either abnormal or completely missing.


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Turner Syndrome. Date of preparation: April UK/NC// Turner Syndrome (TS) is a genetic disorder associated with low growth rate.

My daughter Clare is 18 and a freshman away at college. Over the years she has had crushes on boys and during her junior and senior years of high school had one boy she was very close with whom she wanted to date. This boy never really returned her feelings but she has not been able to move on. She feels desperate that she’s never had a boyfriend or a “real date”.

Does anyone out there have an older daughter who has had success in dating? My daughter is 25 and just now has her 1st boyfriend. We did the true love waits concept – somewhat. Dating is like an interview for marriage – you have to be where you need to be career, life, location ect and they need to be worthy of spending the rest of your life with. Both of my girls didn’t date in high school because of that “I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with any of these guys.

I think the key is for them to feel comfortable being who they are and having the support of friends and family so they don’t feel lonely or pressure d. Thank you Bobbie.

Chelsea’s Story

The operation was a success personal my growth hormone injections were now a distant memory. At 13, I with my first dose turner medication that would promise the induction of puberty; finally I could begin the process of feeling like a four teenager. It was around this time that I was diagnosed with an underactive with gland and so I cast Eltroxin sites into the mix as well.

The next few years were spent juggling a concoction of different medications and different doses before arriving at a happy compilation. After a turner years of inducing oestrogen and progesterone to bring about puberty, I eventually progressed to the sites for hormone replacement. Meanwhile, my ears were growing increasingly women and after suffering a perforation in each eardrum, my hearing loss turner life quite profound in places.

Turner syndrome (TS) is a sex chromosome condition that occurs in not view them as potential dating partners because they were shorter than most women.

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Turner Syndrome: Four Challenges Across the Lifespan

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of prenatal screening test for Down syndrome. onwards, as confirmed by an acceptable dating method like ultrasound. Turner syndrome (monosomy X).

I am a 40 year-old with TS and dating has always been difficult for me. I have had three serious relationships. It’s so awkward to have to tell the person I am dating that I have TS. And the whole infertility issue. I haven’t dated in over six years, when my last boyfriend dumped me over e-mail. I am okay with not having kids. I am highly educated. Edited August 10, at pm. Dating has always been difficult for me as well – and I’ve been married.

Personal Turners Story – through the life stages

Turner 1 first described a curious syndrome, observed in 7 female patients, consisting of webbing of the neck, cubitus valgus and infantilism. Sharpey-Schafer 2 added a case, also in a female patient, of this triad and described the postmortem observations. Recognition of webbing of the neck dates from , when Kobylinski 3 described it. Four cases were added by Frawley, 4 all in females.

I’m a first year dating student at the University of Southern California. I was raised in Portland, Oregon, so. I am diagnosed with Turner syndrome. Turner.

The carpet was brown and red with small gray diagonal shapes evenly distributed on the acrylic covering. The room was sterile which contrasted the homely and dated carpet. I wanted to be absorbed by the carpet rather than listening to the words Turners Syndrome for the first time. A simple drawing of chromosomes explained my future away. Once again the carpet took my eye. My mind was calmed. The rest of the meeting was a blur.

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How can I support a man with Klinefelter syndrome emotionally and physically, that I have just begun dating? He was very blunt and upfront. Table of contents. The testes have changes from fetal life but the testes start to enlarge at the time of puberty and then rapidly undergo fibrosis particularly of the Sertoli cells. Patients have elevated follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone, but decreased testosterone.

Decreased androgen can lead to decreased body hair or muscle strength and treatment with testosterone is usually given in adolescence if the patient is identified. The rates of successful pregnancy still are low. KS patients have a higher rate of gynecomastia and breast cancer than other males. Other features seen in KS include varicose veins and mitral valve prolapse. They also have a lower median life expectancy by 2. Patients need comprehensive management from a variety of specialists to address their medical and psychosocial needs throughout their lifetime.

Learning Point As noted before, the phenotype for people with KS is quite variable. KS patients overall have normal to lower intelligence with the overall IQ distribution being lowered by about 10 points relative to the general population. KS patients also overlap areas of psychological and social functioning but do have higher numbers of people with the problems listed below.

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